8 months of crocheting

December began, and changes the mood entirely. Makes me feel lazy, just want to sit in a warm cozy blanket and do nothing. If only, it was that easy.

I have been swamped by the office work for past few weeks, and haven’t been able to crochet much. I hardly finished a cardigan for myself, utilizing the weekend for crocheting. That also means no posts about new crochet projects for a while now. This one is to summarize then, and now.

So far, the crocheting journey has been really satisfying. I have finished one gift item for each of my family members. Well almost. I haven’t don’t anything for my dear mom. Up next would be something for her using the lacy green yarn.

And maybe attempting to replicate this using these bundles.


I’ve also posted my experiments of crocheting various projects. I request you to take a look at my other posts about crocheting, especially if you’re a beginner, like me. If it inspires you to pick this as a hobby, I’d be delighted to know.

Writing and crocheting have many similarities, I realize. For both, we need patience, we need to read a lot, and we need focus.

Stay tuned for more.

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