And back to crocheting

When summer began, I chose to forget that I work with yarn. Even holding the wool and crochet used to make me sweat. Besides, I had finally started to write fiction. And crocheting took a back-seat.

Crocheting, sewing, writing, blogging – these are the hobbies my alter-ego possess. I am so proud of the other side of me.

The ‘me’ however, has a day job, and needs to take care of bills, rents, household chores, grocery, laundry, dishes, arghhhh. Although ‘me’ is providing ‘the other me’ all the luxuries, I don’t like this version of me, not very much.

As monsoons are here now, I think I should resume working on the shawl that I so lovingly started to crochet.

It is simple diamond stitch with 3ply light yarn. Hoping it turns out as good as it looks right now.

Happy crocheting!

Shabana Mukhtar

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