Getting Lacy

Enough with the crochet cardigans and shawls and beanies. Now is the time to create something delicate.

I wanted to make some jewellery using crochet art. but the only thread I had, was too delicate.


The thread crochet hook was smallest size and it is difficult to work with that hook and that yarn. The thread was getting untwisted in the process. The motifs were not coming very nicely. AND, I kept hurting my finger.


Time to buy  a new one. The one I got is a good 6 sizes bigger.


Working with laces is more tiring. The work does not grow very quickly. And you’ve to be very careful. Holding the work, the thread, the crochet hook; all of this feels very different. I guess over time, I will get used to it.

I’ve completed only 3 motifs so far. I already love the lace. Quite excited about this one.

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