My experiments with double strand crocheting – day#3

Continuing from where I left off, I did 10 rows, I get ~7 inches square. Now it’s a little too wide for shoulder and armhole depth is just about ok.

Joining row: sc across till first corner, ch 6 and sl st into ch1 space of second corner. sc across till third corner, ch 6 and sl st into ch1 space of fourth corner.

Next few rows to get the blouse: dc across including ch6 space. This is how it is looking.

I repeated this round till I got the bust length. After 10 rounds this is what I got.


After contemplating a little bit, I decided to go with arcade stitch. 2 rows of arcade stitch look like this.

This is looking very nice so far. N I have consumed about 4 hanks of 50gm. 6 hanks left for use. I think it should be sufficient.


10 rows of dc across to get half sleeves. Then arcade stitch rows for lower arm.
Flip side of top down:

  1. The shoulder gets too wide.
  2. Armhole is not as “defined”. Bottom up style does a nice systematic decrease for armhole and neckline.
  3. For some strange reason, as body length increases, it narrows automatically. This could be my thing though.

I still don’t feel confident about bottom up. However I’m convinced to try it out once. I’ve also learnt that no matter how much it hours, sometimes you need to unravel for making the project better. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be as difficult as I assume.

Who would wait for that post?