My first granny square project

As I looked at my yarn stash, I notices a lot of small little balls of left over yarn. I decided to create something pretty, and useful from it. Why let it go waste, or just sit idle in one lonely corner?

The colors,being leftover were totally random. So were the quantities. The first thing that came to my mind was to do something with granny squares. And this would be my first. Well, technically, I had done granny stitch for my mother’s market bag. It wasn’t granny square.

All I had to do was to come up with a plan to arrange these colors The colors I picked from my stash (or decided to finally get rid of) were green, dark yellow, shade-of-blue and orange-red.


As my go-to-guy, Professor Google, I looked up for granny square purse patterns. I was overwhelmed by the options at hand. I had to discard most of them for different reasons

I took the conservative approach – do not be too experimental and tacky, go with “multi color homogenous squares”.

Day 1:

I did 4 squares, over a period of 4 hours. Frogged the first few at various stages. Even now, the first puff stitch is not coming out very neatly after sl st join. I stopped frogging after a point as I was too tired and did not want to repeat it again and again.


Day 2:

Convinced my sister to do the first two rounds so I can quickly work up squares. Had to teach her as well. Got a few more ready to work on.

Day 3:

I just completed the in-progress ones today. Coming down with flu.

I am considering switching red and blue colors and make blue border. What do you think? Would it look better?

sunburst granny square


I have a few family members coming over for the long-weekend visit, and will not be able to crochet until next Monday. So thought of publishing one more post before enjoying the family time. Hopefully next post will be with finished purse. See you then 🙂

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