My new-found passion – Phase 2

So here I was, out of yarn and desperate to do more. I had 6-7 different colors of left over yarn and I started making rainblow clutch.


Stuck again for supplies, I went my shop and bought this and this.


I started making a bottom up small shell cardigan.

It came out ok but halfway through, I realized, again, that I bought too little. With heavy heart, I unraveled my work and stared thinking of alternative uses of yarn. I really liked this purse and started making two – small and big with same yarn.




I learnt to read and create the crochet chart. It helps to understand the pattern better.

What next, after much googling, I finally got what I was looking for – an online store that supplies craft stuff with a economic prices and reasonable delivery fee. I got crazy looking at the options available and ordered a lot of yarn in different colors and textures. about 2Kg of it. Sharing some of the projects from this lot.

This is phase 2 of my crochet journey.

Will share more of my experiences as I learn.

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