One day shrug project

Last Saturday, I finished my ambitious cardigan, first attempt of working with fine yarn. It turned out great. I thought I’ll take a break from hook for a couple of days. It will help to relieve my crochet finger syndrome. That pain in my index finger fie to long hours of working with crochet hook, and slightly bent and stiff feeling in the bones of index finger – I call it “crochet finger syndrome”. I thought maybe I will get better ideas for next project if I take a break. I got an idea the same day. I was aching to try it out. Started it the next day. It was Sunday and I had plenty of time at hand.




I made the first one. I used the two balls of dark color to make a medium size shrug (150 grams of yarn).  Just the thought that I finished one project in one day, is making me feel very proud.

I finished the shrug, but did not get time to click pictures, and I was excited to post about it. Whatever I could, is here. The lighting in the picture is really poor, Apologies for that.


I am tempted to try it again, to test repeatability of my idea.  With the small size one with lighter shade of yarn – just one skein of 75 g of yarn.

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