Two color topdown crochet cardigan

My first attempt of making a top down crochet cardigan was alright. Although it turned out to be a little too baggy for my size, people in my family really liked it. My sister a size bigger so I gifted it to her instead.


All charged up with the positive feedback, I decided to make another one.

The yarn I bought was for making beanies – 300 gms of Acrylic Nylon 4ply yarn in navy blue color. My sister suggested that cardigan would look great in this color. She had been after me to make one for her. Of course, the yarn wouldn’t be enough. The supplies I ordered earlier from had 500 gm of Acrylic Nylon 4ply yarn color in caramel color. So I thought why not make cardigan in two colors.

Sharing brief notes of creation.

Pattern Notes:


Start with fsc 60 – color 1 – 60 st

Row 1-2-3: *(dc 3, 2 dc next)  – color 2 – 75 st

Row 4-5-6-: *(dc 4, 2 dc next)  – color 1 – 90 st

Row 7-8-9: *(dc 5, 2 dc next)  – color 2 – 105 st

Row 10-11-12: *(dc 6, 2 dc next)  – color 1 – 120 st

Row 13-14-15: *(dc 7, 2 dc next)  – color 2 – 135 st

Row 16-17-18: *(dc 8, 2 dc next)  – color 1 – 150 st

Row 19-20-21: *(dc 9, 2 dc next)  – color 2 – 165 st

Row 22-23-24: *(dc 103, 2 dc next)  – color 1 – 180 st

If using a bulkier yarn, repeat 2 rows instead of 3 with one color.

If using lighter yarn, repeat 4 rows instead of 3 with one color.

Stop when your work measures 7-8 inches according to your size.

Split yoke: M1 (30), M2 (60), M3 (120), M4 (50)

sc till M1, ch 5 and sl st with M2

sc till M3, ch 5 and sl st with M4

sc till end


We have 130 st (30 left front + 5 joining st + 60 back + 5 joining st + 30 right front)

I used a different stitch for body – rows of Shell and V stitch.

For your chosen stitch, adjust st count when joining the markers to multiples of 5, 6, or 8, as the stitch demands. I adjusted two more st while working the back to bring 132 st (# of 6).

Do 4 rows of sheel + V in color 2.

Repeat with color 1 and color 2 until desired length.

Finish with one row of dc. Do not fasten off. Conitnue same yarn for edging.


Working the uneven edge of left front, place sc evenly across. Turn.

Work hdc across and add ch 1 space after 3 inches distance for button hole. Fasten off.

Working the uneven edge of right front, place sc evenly across. Turn.

Work hdc across. Fasten off.


Work in rounds using the stitch chosen for body. Adjust st count as needed.

Decrease st after 3  rounds. Continue working 4 rows with both colors until desired sleeve length. Fasten off.


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