Scrap yarn granny blanket

All this while, I have fought the temptation to buy more yarn.

Minutes after finishing and clicking pictures of the one day shrug, I looked at remaining yarn stash.

Most of my planned projects are done, leaving odd combination of yarn left. It differs in type, quantity and color. Some are cotton, some are acrylic, or acrylic nylon. Some are 3 ply, some are 4 ply. Some are variegated, some are solid. A weird combination indeed. Absolute scrap. I want to use all of it and create something useful. But how?

I thought of doing a granny square blanket. I have apprehension about how it would look, given how strange this lot is.

I did one mistake. As I wanted to use every single millimeter of yarn, I joined next yarn even if one square is not complete. I did not start the next color in corner so it looks a little distorted for the first 3 colors.

In one stretch, I finished this much.


Now I am done, and I must say pleasantly surprised with the output.
I’m amazed that those tiny little balls, in the most strange combination, would result in such lovely blanket. A perfect gift for my newborn, one-week-old nephew.

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