Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 12 | Sushi | Biswa Kalyan Rath

The intro to the cuisine Sushi and the show Sushi is a stroke of genius.

This show starts on such interesting note – the network signal problem pertinent in India.

Biswa talks about construction’s plight, footpaths, Indian mindset, basically all things Indian. No matter which area he choose to talk about, he nails it with keen observations and funny anecdotes. Superb!

His bit about nomenclature of “YES” bank, and the whole situation within ANY bank is so funny.

He does not use much foul language in this one. It was quiet refreshing.

I have said that earlier, and I will say it again. Biswa’s sarcastic expressions and that rough-around-the-edges tone is what makes the jokes more hilarious.

Off to watch the next one…

Shabana Mukhtar

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