Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 13 | Kal Main Udega | Rahul Subramanian

Rahul’s special starts with a crowd shaming him. Very dramatic beginning, I must say, and it draws you in instantly.

Having seen several clips of “Kal Main Udega”, I was intrigued. After taking the subscription, I watched shows for five days straight, I saw a few episodes of “Four More Shots”. And, then, I forgot about the subscription. Now, I am back, with comedy shows again. Let this month about comedy. It should have been about romance but when do I ever do what the world is doing. While the world is reading romance novels and spending time on Goodreads, I am watching comedy specials on Amazon Prime Video. Aren’t I cray?

The best bit of this show is the DJ set. It is brilliant, and funny and makes you feel the exact same thing that he felt when listening to a DJ.

Rahul Subramanian’s jokes are funny but his expressions take those jokes to another level.

Off to watch the next one…

Shabana Mukhtar

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