Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 3 | Keep It Real Kannan Gil

I am off to review the third comedy special on Amazon Prime Video – Keep It Real by Kannan Gil

Alright, I haven’t seen Kannan much apart from his very many interviews and that super hilarious movie review series called “Pretentious Movie Reviews”. He is funny in his interviews.

The bits that he has shared of this special were the best. He is funny but he lacks the sarcasm that is Biswa’s speciality. Or Neville’s cynicism. 

I like how he brings haldi into each set. 

His bit about fight with girlfriend is hilarious. Especially how he mentions that women remember everything. True story, we do remember everything even though we don’t remember to use them when we need to. 

This seemed a bit dull, so I have decided to watch something else apart from comedy.

On to the next item. Any recos?

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Shabana Mukhtar

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