Drama Review | Angna | Episode 10

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Angna Episode 10 Written Updates and Review

Raza continues to fool the sharp businessman that is Azhar. I roll my eyes every time Azhar hands over a cheque to Azhar. 
We meet Ammar’s cousins who tease him about Ayeza. I wonder how many episodes will it take for his truth to come out, that he’s already married.
Saira comes home unannounced and finds out about all the lies. Bas phir, drama shuru. Zain yells at Eshal and then apologizes to Saira. Saira asks Eshal to leave and go home. Rabab Hashim is so unimpressive as an actor. She has one expression for all the scenes – confused. 
The only person who doesn’t annoy me yet is Moosa. He’s so lively and cheerful. If it wasn’t for him, I would have wanted to stop watching this soap as well. I have been wanting to denounce all the dramas tonight.
Too much to handle today. All the episodes I’ve reviewed were so bleh.


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