Drama Review | Angna | Episode 13

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Angna Episode 13 Written Updates and Review

Zain is still a puppet in Saira’s hands. Even after Ayeza’s reception, Saira is like: why did you talk to Eshal? What was she saying to you?
Ammar’s first wife wants him to come back, and he’s upset. Ayeza notices this as well. But Ammar doesn’t tell her the truth. Ziyad and Bushra are willing to aaq Ammar if he goes back to his first wife, and Ammar knows about this. Would he stay for Ayeza? Would he go back? I think he will go back. I also think that Ayeza will be supportive of him. 
The whole family is trying to hide Abeeha’s accident from dadi. Saira and Zain come to see Abeeha, and then dadi knows. Suddenly Azhar snaps at Saira. I guess Saira is trying to show that the whole family lies. Ahem ahem… 
Red much?
Ammar and Eshal wore burgundy colour in today’s episode. 


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