Drama Review | Angna | Episode 14

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Angna Episode 14 Written Updates and Review

Now everyone knows about Abeeha’s accident. All the dholki’s are cancelled.
Raza and his family isn’t happy about dholki cancellation. 
Saira is throwing tantrums again and torturing Eshal for no reason, not even allowing Eshal to see Abeeha. She forces Zain to move to another room, and threatens Eshal of separation if she tells anyone. And guess what? Eshal agrees. This is so regressive. 
And then we also see several scenes from Zain’s childhood that Saira has always tortured Zain. This is downright cringe. Argh… 
If I hadn’t drafted posts for 25 episodes of Angna, I would have stopped watching it already. This drama is so so problematic. 


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