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Angna Episode 17 Written Updates and Review

Ammar’s mother Bushra’s heart is now melting for Ammar’s first wife and his daughter. Woh kehte hain na: asal se sood pyaara hota hai. What I don’t understand is, how come Ammar is so romantic with Ayeza? Don’t get me wrong. If a man has married twice or more, he must give his attention and care to all his wives. But Ammar pretends to be in love with Ayela. Does he love both his wives? What about the age old saying that love happens only once? Do I sound like an old school woman? I probably am.
Ammar confesses his love for Ayeza, twice. So I’m right. Ammar loves both his wives. Ayela and Ayeza are both so lucky to have a husband so handsome 😉 by the way, I didn’t like how Ayeza was all weepy just because Ammar is going. Itna bhi kya rona daala hua hai..
It seems like Saira is changing, at least it seems like it when she goes to see a friend at a friend’s reunion. Eshal asks Zain to pick her up for getting some jewellery. Sheeba the witch tells on Zain and Eshal, again. Saira is upset, again. There is a song about such plot changes: you go baby round round baby round round… 
Taimoor has gotten a new construction contract. The next day, his work starts, he meets with an accident and…inna lillah ho gaya. I hadn’t seen this coming. Moosa will marry Abeeha. How come I didn’t see this coming? I was like he would marry Nayab when Raza’s true colours come out, or when Ammar’s truth comes out. This was a surprise. Kafi overacting ki hai Moosa and Ziya dono ne.
And that’s where the episode ends. Ab Abeeha ki iddat, phir Abeeha aur Moosa ki shadi 🙂
In this episode, nobody wore red. What a relief it was!!!


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