Drama Review | Angna | Episode 19

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Angna Episode 19 Written Updates and Review

This episode continues with people mourning over Taimoor’s death. Bahot rona daala hai. Abeeha is still grieving and so are others. Nayab, Eshal and Ayeza go back to their in-laws, to deal with their own shits.
Raza’s mother and sister think that Nayab and her family is manhoos *rolling eyes* Raza tries to be too sweet to Nayab, and we just know he’s scheming ways to extract more money from Azhar.
Speaking of sweet people, Saira is being too sweet to Eshal–taking care of her, asking her to rest and all… Something’s fishy. For the past two episodes, she has being very nice, and we just know…it’s too good to be true.
As for Ayeza, she learns that Ammar is married and has a daughter. Bas phir, rona shuru… Salma and Daniyal, Abeeha and Ayeza… Everyone has cried so much in this episode. This is not the most appropriate thing to watch if one is trying to sleep. Tch… I need to watch some rom-com telefilm to feel a bit better.


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