Drama Review | Angna | Episode 22

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Angna Episode 22 Written Updates and Review

Azhar and Zeba are going the extra mile to hide the fact that they have gifted Nayab a home. It is going too far, I would say. Why can’t they simply tell dadi the truth?
Dadi is quite excited, though. She is already looking for a match for Abeeha so she could move on. When she meets Moosa, she thinks that Moosa would be a good fit for Abeeha. And we all agree. Now when and how they get hitched, that remains to be seen.
Nayab learns that Nida has a boyfriend, and she talks to Nida. But Nida doesn’t take things seriously. She is going to be a trouble for Nayab, mark my words.
Does anyone feel that Raza smiles unnecessarily?


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