Drama Review | Angna | Episode 28

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Angna Episode 28 Written Updates and Review

Nayab is trying her best to cheer up Ayeza but Ayeza be like “mujhe nahin jana”. Why is she being rude to her sister? Nayab and Ayeza plan for an outing but Abeeha refuses. These sisters are so unpredictable.
Irshad asks Ammar to leave. Bushra is upset, as any mother would be, but Irshad doesn’t melt. Not at all. 
Saira is expecting a baby boy already even though Eshal’s pregnancy isn’t even confirmed yet. 
Raza is the same old man. He charms Nayab, and she doesn’t have a clue just how venomous Raza is. And Raza’s family is no different. Nida breaks up with her boyfriend Sallu. Sallu meets with Nayab (how? That’s beyond me) and tells her everything about Raza’s plans. Of course, Nayab doesn’t listen. Nobody pays attention to such things. If they do, the plot wouldn’t progress now, would it? Haha.
I don’t know who plays Ayela but her scenes are so difficult to watch. And then there is Asim Mehmood. He is good looking, but he can’t act much. And Areeba Khan, I have never liked her acting. Her voice kinds hammers my head. 


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