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Angna Episode 34 Written Updates and Review

So,  Nayab is expecting. Called it. But I don’t take the credit. This drama takes very preditable turns.  Zeba and Azhar decided to keep the news to themselves. I rolled my eyes so hard. Wouldn’t Nayab know? She ain’t a child, is she? But, I will play along and see how long the charade lasts.  
Zeba asks everyone to take care of Nayab, but she doesn’t tell anyone the real reason. Dadi suspects that something is wrong. Zeba lied to her as well, but Dadi to dadi hai. 
Nayab has plans to join Uni and continue her study. She wants to finish her education and help Azhar in the business. Both Zeba and Azhar advise her against it.
“I have enough to feed you for ages,” Azhar says.
“Abhi iska time nahin hai,” Zeba says.
I don’t like how Azhar keeps talking about his monies. Uncle, this money can’t buy happiness, you have seen already. It can buy luxury, but luxury isn’t enough. Is it?
Anywho, Zeba is forced to tell Nayab because Nayab is trying to move heavy stuff around. Nayab’s expressions are  quite unreadable. But later, she announces to keep the baby.
Bushra meets Ammar and the two get to talking. While Bushra advocates for Ayeza, Ammar keeps whining about how much he has lost because Ayeza has filed a divorce. 
“Ayeza ke sath maine apni beti ko bhi  kho diya hai,” he says. 
Woh kya kaha hai shayar ne? Iss tahad toh hota hai, iss tarah ke kaamoN meiN.
Every episode of Angna shows someone crying incessantly. In this episode, it is Ammar. He cries all the time. ALL.THE.TIME.

Towards the end of the episode, we see a glimpse of the troublesome life that Raza and his family has ahead of them. But we don’t see much of Eshal and Abeeha. This episode was all about Nayab.

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