Drama Review | Angna | Episode 37

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Angna Episode 37 Written Updates and Review


Just as I predicted, Abeeha has arranged a nice birthday party for Taimoor. Salma is teary eyed again, but she doesn’t go bhaN bhaN as usual. That was a pleasant change.

Later, Ziya goes to talk to Taimoor’s grave.

“Main jaldi hi tumahare paas aana chahta hoon,” Ziya says.

Bas, idhar kaha udhar dua qubool. He has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.

Back at home, Moosa finally has the guts to tell her what everyone wants. Before he could say a word, though, Salma interrupts the conversation.

“Ziya ko heart attack hua hai.”

Azhar also reaches hospital, and Salma aunty starts crying again. It’s getting tiring now.

Nayab and Ayeza are out for shopping. They shop for Ayeza and Kayenat. Later, they go to meet Kayenat. I still haven’t understood Kaynat’s role in the overall scheme of things.

Raza has finally decided to go for an interview. But he doesn’t get a job. It was disheartening to see him fail like this. For the first time, though, the whole family is thinking of hard work and resilience and not looking for shortcuts.

Raza’s outburst on the streets and Nayab’s outburst at that random stranger was so random. What was the purpose? Foreshadowing for something bigger?


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