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Angna Episode 4 Written Updates and Review


Alright, Mr and Mrs Shaukat bring Raza’s proposal. Dadi isn’t happy, and she must be, given that Raza isn’t sincere about Nayab. Even after talking to Nayab who agrees to like Raza, dadi isn’t happy. But the proposal is final.

On the other hand, in this happy drama, we see the first bit of tragedy. Taimoor is coming back after booking tickets, and shot by mobile snatchers. Bas phir, rona dhona shuru.

Eshal is home, trying to learn more about Zain and his mother from their cook Sheeba. It is an unwise move, and not one we expect from Eshal–the general manager. Anywho, she readies lunch, and Zain even praises that it smells. That is before he looks at her mother’s face. Suddenly, his stance changes. Drama ensues. To make it more dramatic, Zain’s mother doesn’t let Eshal go to see Taimoor. Zain has yelled on Eshal once in the previous episode, and now he yells at her again. This time, we can’t even blame Zain’s mother. Let’s call her Rubina yaar. Abhi tak uska naam nahin pata. So, I was saying, this time we couldn’t blame Rubina. It was solely Zain’s fault. Bas, he came home and he yelled. In the second episode, he was very kind and sweet, and it seemed like he behaves the way he does because he fears his mother. This episode proves us wrong.

What’s Ali Abbas’s obsession with toxic husband roles?




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