Drama Review | Angna | Episode 43

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Angna Episode 43 Written Updates and Review

Zain promises to meet Eshal for lunch but Saira aunty becomes a nuisance again. This time, Zain even tries to talk to his mother, but she doesn’t listen, as usual. I can only roll my eyes and skip to the next scene. Eshal asks Sakeena to make sweet dish for Zain. Little does she know that Zain ain’t coming. When Zaiba speaks to Zain, Saira interrupts the conversation again and says that they are too busy to join for tea. Zain, dude, chullu bhar pani mein doob ke mar jao.
Zaiba overhears Ayeza’s phone call to Ammar. This adds to her worries. She’s worried about Eshal’s cyst, and then Saira’s behaviour towards Eshal and now Ayeza’s decision to meet Ammar… 
Abeeha and Moosa go out to do some eesal-e-sawaab for Taimoor and Moosa’s parents. They are being nice to each other, that’s all there is to it. I don’t think they are willing to accept each other as life partners.
The rest of the episode was just Ammar begging Ayeza to give him another chance. As expected, Ayeza doesn’t agree. I told you: moving in circles forever. Ab to ghoom ghoom ke chakkar aane lage hain. 
Atiqa Odho looks so stunning. I envy her.


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