Drama Review | Angna | Episode 9

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Angna Episode 9 Written Updates and Review

In these 9 episodes, I’ve realized that the happy couple (Abeeha & Taimoor) isn’t given much screen time, the problematic people get more attention–Zain, Saira, Raza and her family is shown more often.
Saira has to go to Singapore insteaf of Zain. Saira, who isn’t happy with this sudden change, categorically tells Zain to attend all meetings, be at office early, and leave Eshal at home. She even checks on them by calling Zeba’s phone. That witch! If she didn’t want her son to be happily married, why did she forced him to marry, then?
Anyway, Zain and Eshal plan to steal a little time. Sheeba is sent home, and Eshal and Zain spend some time together. The charade lasts only as long as Saira doesn’t call. The moment she does, Zain gets up and leaves Eshal at her parents’ place.
Another character makes his entry–Daniyal Afzal Khan as Moosa, Taimoor’s cousin. I don’t know what’s his relevance in the whole story. Perhaps, he will be the one to tell that Ammar is already married. Just saying…


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