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Badshah Begum Episode 2 Recap

Pir Shahzeb isn’t happy that Hakim Bi met with Qaisar. Qaisar, on the other hand, has conveyed  an unsaid message to one of many khadimas of Hakim Bi.

Badshah Begum Episode 3 Written Update and Review

Bakhtiyar has proposed to Jahan Ara, and Roshan Ara doesn’t like it one bit. I like how the two sisters confronted.
That khadma who had a “quiet” conversation with Qaisar, tries to kill Hakim Bi, but Hakim Bi attacks back, and even survives. Bhai waah!
We learn that Jahan Ara and Roshan Ara are Shah Alam’s daughters from the second “city” wife, and that the first Badshah Begum wasn’t too thrilled about this. And that’s when Pir Shahzeb started hating Shah Alam’s second family.
Jahan Ara suggests that Shah Alam should go back to Piranpur, and take back what’s rightfully theirs. Shaha Alam agrees.
For the second time, we see the non-Pir family.
Hajra: Tara’s mother
Tariq: Tara’s older brother who lives in the city


Nothing stands out. Except Saman Ansari’s big eyes bulging out of their sockets… Scary…


This  episode was primiarily a flashback of Shah Alam’s two wives, and was quite underwhelming. That wow factor that I felt in the first two episodes, was missing. Even though the murder attempt scene was good, the episode lost its momentum after that.
I had not expected that Jahan Ara and Pir Shahzeb would be half-siblings. I was so excited to see Farhan Saeed and Zara Abbad together. Tch…

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