Drama Review | Chaudhry and Sons | Episode 2


7th Sky Entertainment Presentation

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhary

Without much further ado, let’s review this episode.

Chaudhry and Son Episode 1 Recap

We meet the quirky Chaudhry family, and Pari and her grandmother.



Chaudhry and Son Episode 2 Written Update & Review

Billu and Bunty both are following their grandfather’s footsteps. Both pick up fights in their respective educational institutes. While Bunty gets his arm broken in a fight, Billu is arrested. This is just what Chaudhry Dildar wants to see. 


Tashi / Tafsheen, Billu’s uncle, is over-aged, unmarried, trying to find a suitable match in the “biradri”. Paro, their neighbour has a thing for Tafsheen, but the same old excuse–out of cast is out of options. This is an interesting subplot. I’m looking forward to seeing this couple. 


Malka Begum is trying hard to find a match for Pari while Pari, like every young girl wants a handsome man as her husband. This grandmother-granddaughter duo 

I like that Pari refers to herself as third person. I love, simply love the witty, snarky, sarcastic one-liners. But the best scene was imran Ashraf’s celebratory dance, and the way his expressions change when he looks at his father. Uff, I laughed so hard. And I watched that scene twice. So good!

Everyone, and I mean everyone has performed so well. From Ayeza Khan and Imran Ashraf to Irsa Ghazal and Sohail Ahmad, everyone is so perfect. And this drama also has one of the best written lines. 


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