Drama Review | Chaudhry and Sons | Episode 24


7th Sky Entertainment Presentation

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhary

Without much further ado, let’s review this episode.

Chaudhry and Sons Episode 23 Recap

Pari is determined to tell everyone who she is. To stop her, Shakir and Malka Begum come up with a brilliant plan



Chaudhry and Sons Episode 24 Written Update & Review

Bridal shopping

Billu, Pari and Naeema are out to ship for Pari’s bridal trousseau while dadi is virtually present and rejecting on the video call. Billu is tired of this, so he selects one dress at random. That’s not important. What’s important is Billu and Pari’s cute banter. Billu would be one hell of a romantic and quirky husband, I tell you.

Shakir breaks the news to Sabir

While in the store room, Shakir breaks the news to Sabir. I liked that despite Sabir’s continuous hatred for Sabahat, Sabir is not irked when he learns Pari’s truth. So, one more down, three more to go–Dildar Chaudhry, Naeema, and Sheeba.

Time to do Bunty’s shopping

Neither Bunty nor Sheeba are fully happy about this wedding as neither of them have had a chance to “shop”. We all know how important that is. While Sheeba has sullenly decided to not wear the saree she had planned, Bunty is in no mood to let go. He emotionally blackmails Pari who in turn “orders” Billu to take Bunty shopping.

“Coffee bhi peete hain, jhagda bhi karte hain,” Billu tells Pari.

This isn’t the only coffee date.

Dr Salma and Dildar Chaudhry meet for coffee

Dildar Chaudhry meets Salma to convince her to attend the wedding. And guess what? That’s the same shop that Billu chooses. Ahem. He spots the duo having coffee and that spoils Billu’s plan. Bechara ulte pair wapas aa gaya.

Paro forces Tashi for a coffee date

Yep, she insists for a coffee date, and Tashi agrees. The two get to talking about Sabahat, as one would expect. Paro seems like a different person now. She even suggests that he could avenge his insult by telling others about Pari. Kyu behn? Abhi two days ago you spent the whole night mourning Sabahat’s demise, no?

Pari is trying her best to tell Billu

But something or the other happens that stops her. Billu has realized that Pari is upset about something, but he has a million other things to tend to. I guess it will not be until nikaah time that the truth comes out.


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