Drama Review | Chaudhry and Sons | Episode 5


7th Sky Entertainment Presentation

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhary

Without much further ado, let’s review this episode.



Chaudhry and Son Episode 5 Written Update & Review

Okay, so Chaudhry family is expecting a family from India, and when Malka Begum and Pari arrive, Bunty mistakes them for the actual guests. Malka Begum takes this opportunity to seek shelter in the house. Whatever is the reason, Billu and Pari are under the same roof now. At the same time, this little lie is the perfect recipe for confusion and chhuppan chhupai.

Sami Khan has done impressively well in the opening scene. Irsa Ghazal and Sami Khan both, their dialogues in English was so well written. Loved it!

The dining table scene had countless witty lines. If I were to note down each, it will be a long review. But the dining table scene isn’t just about jugat bazi. Pari mentions a couple of things that make the whole family suspicious of her. Suspicious, or reminds them of someone else. That scene is beautifully written and excellently executed. 

Imran Ashraf and Ayeza Khan, OMG what chemistry they have. Their first face-off, their first meeting on the staircase is so so good. 


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