Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 10


Hum Tum Episode 10 Written Update & Review

Neha and her gang is at the Sarmad’s restaurant. He brings special kadhai, treats them well, and offers them a 70% discount. And then he tells them it was khote ka gosht. This is apparently a running joke in Pakistan–gadhe ka gosht, I mean. 


Adam lied, of course. But nobody knows except Sarmad. I like it. Now, this is the kind of prank I like. The restaurant, however, suffers a 150K loss. Sarmad and Adam are willing to tolerate this but not Sultan. His dream to fly to Dubai are down the drain no thanks to this sudden loss. Bas phir… 


Sultan comes to rant with Qutbuddin, and tells everything. 


Studies ki bajaye ikhlaqiyat pe dhyan do. Topper hone ka koi fayeda nahin agar ikhlaqiyat ki pasdari karna seekho.


I like Qutbuddin. The way he deals with his daughters was so apt. Qutbuddin sends a cheque of 150K rupees to cover for the loss. 

Of course, Sarmad can’t accept it. He returns the cheque. It’s time for a payback. Neha decides to promote Sarmad Ke Chatkhare. I like this idea. This is the first time Neha has come up with something good. I can’t wait to see how that works out.


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