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Hum Tum Episode 12 Written Update & Review

Does anyone else find Niggi Dimple annoying? So very annoying… This line was missing in the review of 11th episode, so I thought I would better start this review with that.

Alright, so no thanks to Niggi Dimple and her shenanigans, Safiullah is arrested. He seeks help from Adam. 


The self-confessed heroine who promised to never do any ghatiya harkat, is all set, and is desperately trying to steal Qutbuddin’s USB from Adam. She even breaks into Adam’s room *rolling eyes*. Seriously, does this girl have any shame? Adam locks her in his room. This might have served Neha well, but I don’t think this will turn out well in anyone’s favour. Getting Neha out of his room without letting anyone know was one of the many unnecessary comedy scenes of this series. 

I like Adam. He always has genius answers to Neha’s evil plans. First, that khota kadhai and now locking her in the room… 

Professor Saleha, Qutbuddin’s colleague and her son Ibtihaaj has come to see Maha. Ibtihaaj is a bit overweight, and this proposal isn’t getting anywhere for sure. I didn’t like how Safiullah tried to body shame the groom-not-to-be. 


I don’t say this enough but Maha is a hilarious character, and Sarah Khan has portrayed it so well. Her turki-ba-turki with Neha was so well-written and so well-executed. Also, Junaid Khan is quite a surprise in this rom-com. Love his performance.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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