Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 13


Hum Tum Episode 13 Written Update & Review

Qutbuddin and Ulfat Begum are united for the first time, against Safiullah who has done everything in his power to humiliate Ibtihaaj. Things get a little out of hand and Ulfat slaps Neha. Ouch!!! 


This isn’t the only bad thing that has happened to Neha. Adam knows that Neha is trying to steal the question paper. So, he confronts Neha. 

“Doston ke liye apne father ki reputation ko dao pe na lagao,” Adam tells Neha.

Neha finally realizes that it was a blunder to steal the question paper. Has she changed for good? Nope, never, but I think she wouldn’t steal the paper.

“Tum mar kyu nahin jate,” Neha says.

“Kya tum par?” Adam asks.

The little slap has resulted in a temporary reconciliation between Qutbuddin and Ulfat. They are talking to each other without taunts and teases, Qutbuddin even makes tea for Ulfat. Ek thappad ke badle agar Amma Abba mein dosti ho to sauda bura nahin hai. Agar daagh lagne se kuch achha ho toh daagh achche hain, you know?

My prediction is so perfect. I told you that Adam would save Neha from eveteasers at least one. And it happens in this episode. Am I a genius or am I a genius?


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Shabana Mukhtar

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