Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 9


Hum Tum Episode 9 Written Update & Review

Let’s first take a step back and rewind to my reveiw of episode 8 of Hum Tum: 

How could Neha win in the viva? Koi Kamzarf kaise Jeet sakta hai? 

Aaj Neha does accept that she is kamzarf.  She had hacked professor Jabar’s account where he publicly apologized and gave Neha five marks making her the topper. This is so below the belt. Thora nahin, bahot zyada ho gaya. Aisi cheating se topper banne ka kya fayeda?


Despite knowing that Adam had suggested Qutbuddin to deduct his marks, Neha plans another attack on Adam. This time, she targets Sarmad’s restaurant. I’m beginning to get disinterested in this drama. Neha is going too far. I don’t wike it. 


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Shabana Mukhtar

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