Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 12

Alrighty, it’s time to review the latest episode of Ibn e Hawwa that aired on April 30

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 12 Written Update

Nayla has decided to leave the house. Her mother constantly tries to talk her out of it, bit Nayla is adamant. I don’t endorse her actions but I can totally relate to her pain. All her life, she has suffered for the acts of her mother.

“Khuda kare aap ki qurbani kaam aa jaye.” Shakir says.

But it doesn’t. Zahid is more pissed at Nayla now. He even agrees to marry Mahjabeen just so her monies would find Nayla a good match. He even locks Nayla in her room. Tch, would this crap stop soon? I applaud Nayla’s decision to come back home, but being locked up wasn’t something she deserves.

Aliya still thinks that Shabratan is fixing her wedding with Zahid. In previous episode, Aliya has mentioned that she wouldn’t mind making Mahjabeen her sautan. That was a nice foreshadowing. I think soon Aliya’s unintended prediction would be a reality.

The episode ends as Vicky lies about Sajeda to Majid. Sajeda overhears the conversation. I wonder if she would be able to save her love from Vicky’s cheap tricks. And better yet, if she would be able to put two and two together when Vicky maligns Aliya’s name. I mean, sure, he already has, but I just there is more of that shit.


Nayla is so pretty. In every scene, she shines. As Naeema says in Chaudhry and Sons, “Badi lightein marti hai”.

I also like Shabratan now. Her intentions aren’t in the right place, but her one-liners are spot on. Chun chun ke jumle marti hai, and she reminds me of Shahana from Suno Chanda. And Nadia Afgan is in her element now, which was missing in the first few episodes.

Speaking of the initial episodes, Hira’s performance is also good in this episode. Sure, it does remind us of her portrayal of Kashf in Kashf, but we have established that since the very first episode.

Now, let’s come to Zahid. He’s one of the most toxic people I have ever seen on screen. Even though, Shahzad Shaikh has acted well, his scenes still makes me go “argh”. Itna negative koi kaise ho sakta hai?


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