Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 4

Alrighty, it’s time to review the episode 4 of Ibn e Hawwa that aired on March 5.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 4 Written Update

Aliya comes to Zahid’s house to take her dress. Why she went to his house is a long story, but she meets Nayela and Zahid’s father as well. She is a bit much to handle, and I had to skip her scenes. Sadly, there is not much left if you skip Aliya’s scenes. Oh, Zahid is falling for Aliya. I wonder what he sees in her, though.
Mahjabeen agrees to marry, only because she needs a mehram for hajj. But hajj to abhi band hai na? Oh, I’m mixing reality with fiction again. I appreciate her decision. Will she marry Zahid?
I’m curious to know about the third person in Zahid’s shop. He never says any word, but only keeps watching the tamasha.
The episode ends as Zahid’s father gets sick seeing his wife talking to Nayela. Tch, Nayela? Why did you do this?


Aymen Saleem is so over, but I had not expected anything less .

Shahzad and Hira both are quite dependable actors. But neither have impressed me, yet. Even Nadia Afgan and Malik Raza doesn’t impress me much. I’m beginning to doubt if I should continue to watch this drama. So far, it has all been random and unimpressive.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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