Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 5

Alrighty, it’s time to review the fifth episode of Ibn e Hawwa that aired on March 12.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 5 Written Update

Zahid’s father is hospitalized, and tells Zahid to never trust Nayla. He asks to marry off Nayla, just like that. I understand there might be women like Zahid’s mother, and men like Zahid’s father. But do we have to show such people on screen? We already have enough negativity and toxicity around us. We don’t need more people to hate women. A woman’s life is tough as it is.
Aur phir ho gaya inna lillah.
Zahid is mad at Nayla. And he is mad at his mother. And he’s mad at himself. And he’s mad at the world. But that doesn’t justify how he treated his mother.
Shabratan is playing a game with Mahjabeen. She wants her to marry a certain someone, but right now she’s just pretending to be looking for proposals. Shabratan isn’t as nice as Mahjabeen thinks. Later, Mahjabeen dreams that someone is strangling her. Is it a sign for her to not trust Shabratan? Seriously, is she playing Kashf 2.0? Kashf 1.0 had symbolic dreams too, no?
Shahzad has not put an ounce of weight in all these years. I wonder how he does that. For the first time, I see some good performance. Shahzad, well done.


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