Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 9


Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 9 Written Update

Vicky continues to ruin the possibility of a love story between Aliya and Zahid. I don’t understand how motive. It doesn’t look like he is interested in Aliya himself, he is more like a flirt who runs after every girl he sees. What would he get by creating misunderstandings in Zahid’s mind is beyond me.
Forget about Vicky. The main lead himself is so illogical. If Shakir likes Nayla and is willing to marry her, why wouldn’t Zahid agree? Shakir even meets Zahid’s phupho just so she would convince Zahid in his favour.
And if that wasn’t enough, Shabratan has some planning going on in her head about Mahjabeen’s wealth.
What a shit load of crap this drama is. No character makes sense, ever.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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