Drama Review | Mor MoharaN | TV One | Episode 3

Mor Moharan is a new drama serial at TV One that started airing on May 10, 2022.


Production : TV One
OST : Mor Moharan
Singer : Amanat Ali
Composer: Naveed Nashad
Lyrics; Khalil ullah Farooqui
Director: Owais Khan
Editor : Jibran Maniar
Dop : Zulfiqar Ali
Writer: Ali Moeen
Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan

[Source: TV One YouTube channel]

Mor MoharaN Episode 3 Written Update & Review

Alrighty, let’s get to the third episosde of Mor MoharaN.

We see Sikandar finally approaching Rohi and talking to her. Their conversation is laced with innuendos and flirtation, which I liked. Sikandar has come from London and is used to expressing his feelings boldly. What surprises me is that Rohi isn’t the shy girl who would blush just because a handsome stud is talking to her.

Later, we see them meeting again as they talk more about their likes, dislikes, aspirations in life. Sikandar is clearly smitten, but it’s hard to say anything about Rohi


Sikandar is smitten alright. So much so, that he orders Sher Shah to go to Rohi’s house and invite the family for breakfast. Keep in mind that this is in the middle of the night. Later, he also talks to Almas. He calls her “mama” for the first time. Apparently it’s a big deal. Long story short, Almas realizes that Sikandar likes Rohi, but she can’t see that he’s fallen in love with her. I have no reasons to believe Almas (that Sikandar only likes Rohi) or negate Sher Shah’s prophecy (that Sikandar has fallen in love). Whichever one it is, we will know soon.


We see Ahmad Khan Gardezi also attending the party at the last minute. Later, through many scenes, we know more about him. He’s a landlord, runs a business empire, is a politician, and he likes to drink, gamble, hunt and spend money at courtesans. Hmmm, that just about sums him up.

The episode ends as he’s sitting and enjoying a “performance” with gajra wrapped around his wrist. Looks yummy, doesn’t he?

The next episode will have a Rohi and Gardezi run-in. I’m excited for that. Are you?



As usual, all the performances are great. It is hard to find fault with anyone’s acting. I might not be enjoying the story as much, but the performances are oh-so-good.

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