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Paristan Episode 11 Written Update & Review

 Mira, Naveen and Javeria, all three wearing maroon in the same scene, what’s up with that?


Okay, so Shehzeen is getting engaged, and begani shadi mein Haseena and Pari are deewane. It is evident that dadi isn’t the only one who is thinking about Arsam and Ujala. Haseena also has the same idea in mind. I am with dadi, though. If I were dadi, I would choose Ujala for Arsam, as well. 


Haseena initially came across as a sharp-tongued, good-natured aunty who would eventually lovingly support Pari in whatever she wants. But in this episode, she seemed downright evil, you know one of those khadoos aunties like Shah Jahan. 


Pari asks Haseena for some money, but Haseena ne jo kadwi kaseli sunayi hai. Uff, tauba. Ujala spends all her savings for Pari. Look, how could you not love Ujala?


Arsam has finally started fall for Pari’s charm *rolling eyes*. Shehzeen notices this. I has expected her to support Arsam but she advises against it. I mean, I would have, too, given how much I “like” Pari. But as a friend, I had thought Shehzeen would be by Arsam’s side in whoever he likes. Anywho… 


The episode ends as Pari and Ujala sorta befriend Azar. So, now Mehreen’s love story will finally roll out. I wish Asad Siddiqui had more screen time, but then his story isn’t in the forefront right now. 


The best snippet of the episode was when Kamali sang “woh Humsafar thha” and the camera focuses on Mehreen. Nice homage to Naveen’s old drama, one of the most coveted dramas of Hum TV, of Pakistani industry. 


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