Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 6

Paristan Episode 5 Recap

 Arsam is still upset that he was the one driving the car when his brother and sister-in-law died. Ujala tries to befriend dadi our of her good nature, but dadi likes her as a bahu already.

Mehreen is ready to meet a guy for wedding. 

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Paristan Episode 6 Written Update & Review

 The family comes to meet Mehreen, and then Mehreen enters with full swag. Uske baad jo scene hua hai… Uff.. Dil khush ho gaya. Naveen looked stunning in that while salwar suit. 

The drama has suddenly taken a strange turn. The ever so confident Pari is 


I was just wondering, Saima Akram Chaudhry has written both “Paristan” and “Chaudhry & Sons”, right? Did she intentionally name both heroines Pari? Did she intentionally kept both heroines yateem and yaseer? I do this often. Keeping the same backstory for two characters, I write two different stories, and then never publish it. 

Anyway, I digress.

The dream sequences of this drama are the best things ever. There was Relationship Status: Complicated, that had superb imaginative sequences and then there is Paristan. Well done… 

This is the first time I’m seeing Arsalan in salwar kameez, and he looks handsommmmmme. So handsome.


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Shabana Mukhtar

3 Comments Add yours

  1. liza says:

    yeah true..

  2. I feel the character Haseena isn’t as bad as Javeria has turned it into. Haseena could have been an overbearing yet sweet aunty, but Javeria…

  3. liza says:

    saima wrote hum tum meri jaan hahaha

    how can she write paristan?? if i can be honest, the humour in paristan is quite forced and honestly i feel i won’t be able to watch more of this because of javeria saud’s gandi over acting. she turns me off whenever she comes on screen

    khair… i only watch paristan for mira sethi, mooroo, ali safina, meerub, junaid jamshed, asad siddiqui (who has yet to make an apperance) and arsalan naseer. so because all these actors are greater than javeria saud, im still gonna continue.. but im guessing there will be a point in this drama where i will break

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