Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 7


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Paristan Episode 7 Written Update & Review

Pari and Arsam go to kid’s school for their “stellar” performance at studies. Pari shows her Pari-mess, I mean Pari-ness, making the principal think that Pari and Arsam are a couple. That was the obvious and most cliched conclusion one would arrive at, so I wasn’t surprised at all. What surprises me is that Arsam talks to Pari nicely. He even smiles. Kyu bhai? Why is he being nice to her? She didn’t do anything outstanding, did she? Arsalan and Aymen were colour coordinated, by the way. I liked it.

Dadi is too unhappy with Zubaida and fires her. The new chef Jamal Deen might not be the best fit for this household, I have a feeling.

Mehreen is not done putting three different weddings at stake, so this time her target is Haseena and Ishaque. Haseena argues with Ishaque, and even asks Babar to stalk Ishaque. Isn’t getting a bit too much?

Kamali and Pari finally go to meet Arzoo who insults Pari. Pari takes off, and runs into Arsam. They are finally talking to each other “normally”. That’s promising. Arsam has started thinking about Pari, and Pari has always dreamt about Arsam. So let it suffice to say that “Donon taraf hai aag barabar lagi huyi”.

It’s time for some romance. Woohoo!!!

This episode was one the least annoying episodes, haha. I liked it.


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