Drama Review | Rang Mahal | Episode 1

Okay, so let’s get started with Rang Mahal.

Rang Mahal Episode 1 Written Update and Review

We see Rayed’s family crazily preparing to welcome him back home. Rayed’s parents and his older brother Sohail, they all love Mahpara, their manager’s daughter. They even treat her like family.

Mahpara lives with her father and her grandmother, and they are so loving, so loving that rolled my eyes a million times. She had a little bruise on her finger or wrist, and her father was like: “beta, main tumhein khana khila deta hoon.” Abey? Itna bhi kya? She’s an adult for crying out loud.

But hey, she has lost her mother when she was only two years old, so… I guess this extra love from father, grandmother and Rayed’s family is a way to compensate. Waise aisa hota nahin hai.

In all of this, there is only one person who doesn’t like Mahpara–Rayed. He hates Mahpara’s interference in his home, his life, and how his family holds her dear. I don’t understand this hatred and irritation, but I guess he is right. Mahpara is annoying.

Yep, Mahpara is so full of herself. When she’s out for shopping, the salesman was hitting on her but she doesn’t get it. Her friend tries to tell her so, but she says, and I quote: “When people praise other girls, they are hitting on them. But they praise me because I’m so pretty.”

I don’t agree with that statement, nor do I like this attitude. But I’m sure the next 91 episodes will somehow change my mind.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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