Drama Review | Rang Mahal | Episode 2

Rang Mahal Episode 1 Recap

Mahpara is a favourite with eveyrone except Rayed, and she is madly in love with Rayed. Ouch!

Rang Mahal Episode 2 Written Update and Review

So, Raed takes Mahapara to a shopping mall, but he is busy shopping for himself until Mahapara asks him to buy jhumka. Raed tells her to select for herself.


“Aaina to tareef hi karega,” she says.


Because she’s so pretty? She is so full of herself, and she is annoying AF, as we see in the next scene.


Hajra, Sohail’s fiancee, and her mother Khaleda Begum aren’t happy about how much importance Mahapara gets, and it is evident throughout the ceremony. Hajra doesn’t try to hide her feelings in front of everyone. In her defense, I would be upset if someone puts mehendi on me without my permission, or boasts of looking prettier than the bride, or just talks all the time. Mahapara is one person who will test your patience.


Sohail has two faces: one of the sweetest eldest sibling, and the other one of a playboy who seeks happiness by ruining someone’s life. That whole scene with an unnamed woman was so cringe, almost as if it is all a dream.


Abba kehte hain mujhe dekh kar logon ko pyar aa jataa hai.


*Slow clap*

Seriously, she’s killing me with her self-love. Mahapara is self-obsessed and it doesn’t help that everyone loves her (for no reason?)


Raed surprises me in this episode. For whatever reason, he takes Mahapara’s side.


Sehar Khan does look pretty in the orange haldi outfit. Ali is a good looking dude but it’s Humayun Ashraf who stands out in every frame. He’s so handsome. I have liked him since his “Ishq Hamari Galiyon Mein” days. And in this drama, he’s just too good.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Yeah, OST is pretty good, unlike what one would expect from a soap 😉

    Angna is my first soap, and then I’m watching RM, but boy are they different.

  2. liza says:

    also i want to add, i’m obsessed with the ost. it has some romantic tinge to it and the chorus and melody is addictive. reminds me of do bol…

    also, i love a nuanced story line.. idk why but you have bought me if the plot excites me and like it makes me want to binge (and this was one of them) the other dramas which i couldn’t stop watching was yeh raha dil and ishq jalebi and yakeen ka safar

    i’m or was planning to rewatch them sometime this year.. i can’t rewatch yakeen ka safar again.. it’s gonna break me

  3. liza says:

    i am !! i can say that proudly ahahaha i think the only soap series i have thoroughly enjoyed from start to end. i think because i had very low expectations for this but wooh it exceeded like x100

  4. I hope to share the same sentiments once I watch next set of episodes… you’re like a fan or something of RM ;-P

  5. liza says:

    and that all the characters have amazing character arcs, except hajra.. she’s the only linear track. but the other 3..
    and also none of the characters here are annoying except mahapara in her first track and hajra (sometimes) but most of the time i love love everyone. i can’t hate anyone

  6. liza says:

    also can i just say why i love this drama? i mean its so bold and it insinuates alot of taboos. like for eg sohail’s dual personality and that it also suggests that he has a sexual relationship with that woman.

    humayun ashraf in that persona is quite hot oof

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