Drama Review | Rang Mahal | Episode 3

Rang Mahal Episode 2 Recap

Sohail’s bride to be and mother-in-law to be aren’t too happy about Mahapara’s importance in Sohail’s family.

Rang Mahal Episode 3 Written Update and Review

Hajra and Khaleda and Raed (and I) aren’t the only one who dislike Mahapara. Mahapara’s best friend Asma’s mother also doesn’t like her, nor does she like Asma befriending Mahapara. That scene was a bit much.


I agree with Raed. If she was mad at Raed, she should have stood her ground at least for a day. I may not agree with Raed’s point of view, but he is right in this case.


Maheen, Hajra’s friend has a thing for Sohail. I have a feeling. But I’m not sure. The next episode will probably prove me right.


Okay, so Mahapara skips the next function but Raed’s parents aren’t happy so Raed goes and apologizes to Mahapara. Say what now? I hadn’t expected this change so fast. That’s not the shocking factor. He knows that he’s important for Mahapara. Yeh toh bada self-aware hai.


Humayun Ashraf, maa sadqay, kinna sohna laga hai, uff…


This drama reminds me a bit of Angna. Very festive mood all the time.



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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    humayun ashraf is so effing hot. im rewatching RM just for him

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