3.5 reasons to watch Kahin Deep Jaley

1. The Story

Qaisera Hayat is a well-known and respected name in Urdu popular fiction of recent times. She is capable of narrating an entertaining and engaging story with layered characters. 
The novel is based on Qaisera Hayat’s novel of the same title. Although, the plot line is changed for screen adaptation, majority of the story remains same.

2. The Characters 

Every character is nuanced. From Faham, the eldest brother who looks after the family like a father; to Shameela – the venomous girl who is NEVER happy; we see a plethora of interesting, colourful characters.


Interestingly, this drama has all the women heading the family. Rehana, Khadjija, Rushna’s mother, Zeeshan’s mother; all are widows. I guess this is to show that children’s upbringing is affected when father is not around… I don’t know… But it is difficult to ignore. 


3. The Cast

Who wouldn’t want to see such great cast together? And, I am a big Imran Ashraf fan. I absolutely adore his acting.

3.5 A Recommendation

Yep, this is the first and foremost reason. My sister recommended this to me. She felt that Madiha Rizwi and Ali Abbas are doing a great job. They are, indeed, as are other actors. 
Alright, I will start posting the review. 9 episodes are already out and I am lagging. I hope to catch up asap.
Shabana Mukhtar

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