Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 1 | Neville Shah Going Downhill

Today, I have decided to bite the bait, fallen into the pit of steaming platforms.

I have never considered MXPlayer or Zee etc. The contention is between Amazon and Netflix.
I will go for Amazon because most of comedians have their specials on Amazon.

And I love Neville Shah.

I love his content, I mean.

Let me be specific. I like his self deprecating jokes; I relate with him because he’s an insomniac and that he uses that to do creative things in life.

Something I have been trying to do for past three years. I am pretty well though. Not gonna lie.

So, Neville Going Downhill…

The entire show is one nicely structured set with narration moving from mildly funny jokes to extremely uncomfortable statements. The nervous laughter is an evidence that even though the audience is enjoying his stories, they are also feeling awkward.

The pace is slow, laid back, so unlike Neville of you have followed him on the millions of YouTube streams he appears on with his jhola of wisdom.

There are plenty of one liners that I loved but couldn’t not because Amazon prime doesn’t work on split screen.

Damn! YouTube+1, Amazon Prime -1

I failed at breathing.

A very simple line, yet painfully funny. I have breathing problem. Not the one that comes with Corona. I forget to breath when I am anxious which is like 23 hours of the day.

Neville takes long pauses between jokes when he doesn’t have a properly planned segues. He talks about losing his mother; he talks about getting a divorce; he talks about being old. 

Overall, a nice beginning of my binging.

Shabana Mukhtar

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