Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 14 Review


The police guy stares at Meenu making Faazi jealous. That scene is so cute. 

Now the senior dadi family and junior dadi is awake, and have a meeting with full quorum. Faazi is upset and rightly so. His family is very annoying.

Faazi insists that Meenu should go to the college starting today because she has exams in a week or so. She doesn’t want to listen, so he holds her hand. And, them they share a sweet moment. Their internal monologue, especially, is very funny. 

Again, very cute scene. Now that the two are married, we should see such romantic scenes more often. 

Faazi takes Meenu to the college, irking his family. The two dadis start a dangal. Faazi knows but he is unperturbed by it. He takes Meenu out for a date… Alright, not a date but not less than a date either. He cares for her. Awnnn! 

We see the two couples together, for the first time. 

I like how Haadi stands up for Meenu. 

Mishi is on Faazi’s side and everyone else is against him and Meenu. Gul goes so far as to say that she would call off the wedding. It is awful. This isn’t funny. Aise kaise nikaah tod denge? 

Will Faazi yield to the pressure form his family? We will find out in today’s episode. 

Also, watch the scene at 33:50. Best moment of these 14 episodes so far. The way he looks at her… OMG… Brilliant performance by Osman Khalid Butt. And, that tiny smile is golden. 

This scene and that one moment also shows us something about Meenu and Faazi. Although both of them are fiercely protesting about their sudden nikaah, they have really accepted their new relationship. Meenu refers to herself as “aapki Mrs”, and Faazi also does the same. Neither have any objection on nikaah itself. They object to the tiffs they have had in the past.

The fun has just begun. The romance has just begun.

Until next time, stay safe.

 Shabana Mukhtar


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