Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 16 Review


Faazi’s family is having dinner and the two brothers-in-law don’t miss a chance to bicker. Fun times… Somehow Faazi treats

We see a few flashbacks as Faazi thinks about Meenu and her clumsiness. He wants to meet her but runs into Miskeen and Mani both. They meet at the terrace, we see very many cute moments, and we are left with one feeling – we want more of it. Meenu and Faazi are developing feelings for each other.

The other couple meets in the lawn. Mishi is upset about Haadi’s rishta with Natasha, and rightly so. Miskeen and Mani do a chhapa on them as well. Fun times!

Amma and Gul visit Meenu’s family to apologize. This time Bebe wants to call off the wedding. This family seemed fun in the beginning, but now they are all turning evil.

Faazi and Meenu meet, again, and confess their feelings for each other. Saima Akram Chaudhary is an expert in writing innocent and cute romantic scenes.

Faazi doesn’t pick Meenu’s phone call so she throws a stone at his window. The episode ends when the stone hits Gul. Yaar, I need to wait a day to see what happens next. But I am also curious to know why Faazi is ignoring Meenu. Wait, is he upset that Meenu didn’t take a stand in front of Bebe?

Oh, before I leave, I want to just note that the casting is perfect in this drama. Ayeza, in particular, is so good. It is as if the role is written for her. Whatta performance!

Good night!

Shabana Mukhtar

PS: Upon request, I am attempting to translate Meenu and Haadi’s conversation. The dialogue and the translation is loosely transcribed. It is not literal.

اب تم کیوں ملکہ جذبات بنی ہوئی ہو؟


فکر نہ کرو۔ ہم سب کی قسمت کے ستارے اس وقت کسی منحوس مدار میں داخل ہو چکے ہیں۔ تمہارا بھائی کوئی نہ کوئی جگاڑ ضرور نکال لے گا۔ بے فکر رہو۔

Haadi: Now, why are you being the queen of sentiments?
Meenu: Bhai…
Haadi: don’t worry. The stars of our destiny have entered an ominous orbit. Your brother will definitely find a way out. Don’t worry.

Bhai waah!!!

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  1. Oh… That… Tonight… Have office today…

  2. Liza says:

    Hi Shabana… i am very sorry but that wasn’t the scene i was talking about… it is the pho plan devi and hitler scene from 24:05 onwards until when bebe enters and says “durr fitay muh”

  3. Liza says:

    that’s fine! i just want to expand my vocabulary

  4. I will try. I am not sure I can translate the sentiments as is, because Urdu brings a different feel with it. But I will update the post in a bit.

  5. Liza says:

    OMG I MEANT from 23:59 onwards😬😬😬 sorry !!! can you please help me translate🥺

  6. Wait, the 16th episode is only 35:04 minutes long.

  7. I will try and update the post after today’s episode.

  8. liza says:

    I need your help in helping me translate what meenu and faazi were saying from 42:16 onwards i couldnt quite make out what they were sayng.. could you please help me 🙁 im not an urdu speaker

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