Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 20 Review



Mirchi isn’t home yet. Haadi and Waleed are looking for her. People aren’t tensed. They just look tired and irritated. Poor acting on everyone’s part.


After much unneeded drama, Haadi and Faazi roam on the streets to looks for her. But they fail.


Three constables arrive to take Gul-e-Rana. Maneeha is fine. The SHO knows Bade Nawab, right? So, he informs. Maneeba is fine and eating various snacks. Cool!


Both families start the blame game as usual. Gul never relents and she never thinks that she has done anything wrong. I never knew Mira Sethi could be so evil. Brilliant acting, though.

Oh, wait! Wasn’t she in a drama with Aamina Sheikh, Adeel Hussain and Wassey Chaudhary? If I remember correctly, it was titled “Silwatein”. She played an evil sister in that drama also. I stand corrected. She chooses a variety of roles and does justice to them.

Meenu locks the room and sleeps. To get in, Faazi tries to get through the window and… I don’t want to. This episode dragged a lot. Gul and Rumi never give up and the series of events are just meh and so unfunny. For instance, the whole police thing is used too often, don’t you think? And every time it is phus in the end. Exhibit A, Faaz calls the police and it was Waleed who has broken in. Exhibit B, the whole family is our to report the other side whole both Faazi and Meenu are fit and fine and haven’t eloped. Exhibit C, Mirchi reports Gul. I never knew going to the police station is so easy.


What’s funny is the scene when Kifayat’s piggy bank falls and breaks into pieces and Kaneez snatches notes off the floor. Haha, so funny!


On a side note:


I love Meenu’s bridal outfit is so pretty and Meenu herself looks very pretty. And Faazi’s floral shirt is the complete contrast.


I wish the focus shifts to Haadi’s love story now.


So long!


Shabana Mukhtar

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