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Umr apni to kati ishq-e-butaaN meiN Momin…

Meenu and Faazi will spend their life fighting and arguing. The above song rings in my head in Jagjit Singh’s voice.

I am back with Chupke Chupke Episode 23’s review.

Let’s get started.

Nobody is listening to Haadi, so he talks to Mishi. His dialogues are set and have been repeated 4-5 times on different occasions.

“I love you and I will marry you and only you.”

In this episode alone, he says this twice. Once to Mishi, and once to Waleed.

Bhai, instead of saying, do something. He was quite smart when he was helping Faazi and Meenu. I just wonder why he is so hopeless when it comes to his own love story.

But I digress…

Who listens to their talk?


Because… Convenience is such a cliché…

Faazi threatens to slap Mishi. What the hell? He was gutless, and that was not enough. Now, he will even raise his hand on a woman? Argh!

I also don’t like the way he treats Haadi. Faazi didn’t even listen to Haadi’s explanations. Faazi pushes Haadi, yells at him, is mean to him. I had thought that their friendship will stand the test of time.

Now, Faazi is upset Haadi and can’t even tell Meenu, who has hurt her foot.

To make things worse, Meenu tells Faazi about Haadi’s nikaah. It doesn’t paint a good picture for Haadi. Does it?

Faazi heads out straight to confront Haadi who is announcing his undying love for Mishi. Convenience at play again, because Faazi is there again.

So much has happened in this episode. I am not sure how I feel about the continued arguments. We need more fun and more romance.

At least something good happens in this episode. Amma and Meenu are friends now. Amma had accepted Meenu as a daughter-in-law.

We have continuity problem. Haadi is wearing a light blue shirt when he gets beaten by Faazi; he changes into a dark blue shirt in his room; he meets Mishi out in the lawn, he’s wearing the same light blue shirt.

I think I noticed a couple more in the earlier episode. But I didn’t note it down. Perhaps, later when I get time… Forget it… I never get time…

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Until next post, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar



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