Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 24 Review


It is time to review the 24th episode of Chupke Chupke.

Faazi is so upset with Haadi that he wouldn’t even attend his nikaah.

Haadi’s nikaah is in a couple of days. Haadi proposes that they should elope. Overhearing the conversation is a recurring theme in this drama so both grandmothers overhear their phone conversation – Bebe listens to Haadi, while Amma listens to Mishi. Both lose it.

Both are now hospitalized.

And, the hospital scene is so bad, so bad. Nobody is serious. They are poking fun at each other, fighting with each other. The two women are physically sick, but these guys are mentally sick.

Now, Haadi and Bebe, Amma and Faazi all are trying to hide the truth from others. Many people already know but I understand. If something like this happens in real life, we would want to keep it a secret as long as we can. Or we can just get the two lovebirds married to each other. Simple and sweet!

Haadi’s nikaah is in Lahore. We will see if we get to see Lahore in next episode.

Until next post, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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